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Welcome to my 10/14 - 10/21 Blog of the Week!


-mbf me

-reblog once to enter (likes only count as bookmarks)

-ends 10/21

-winner will be announced by 10/26

-there will be one winner and 2 runners-up

-must get at least 15 notes

What I’m Looking For:

-nice, clean theme

-friendly person

-great posts

-mostly a fandom blog

-good url

Winner Gets:

-unlimited promos on request throughout october and november

-2 screenshot promo on request

-a spot on my winners page

-a follow back

-my eternal love

Runners-Up Get:

-2 promos on request

-a follow back

-my eternal love

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“It’s horrible, craving you like this.”

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block out the rest of the world as I take meticulous aim

hacker / bankrobber.

the moon… is hatching. the moon’s an egg. for a hundred million years or so, just growing, just getting ready to be born.

halloween themed blog rates


  • mbf detoxdean and irresistibledean
  • reblog this post (likes dont count)
  • send us what you want to be for halloween (if you’re not trick or treating, send us your past favorite costume)

Halloween-themed blog rates under the cut:

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anywhere and everywhere


↓ about page 03 by stratfor-d

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  • "cool" effects ^-^

tip: to change the accent color easily; [1] press ctrl+h [2] paste #e8c6d5 on the first box [3] paste the color that you want on the second box (ex: #cc9ad6)

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    he is an angel of the lord.