moonmischieff asked: I'm joining in all the 'Oh my god!'. I literally spazzed when I saw you followed me. You are such an amazing blog! I feel as if I need to clean and fix everything up now! Ah! ;-;

oh sweetie, thank you so much. this means so much to me and it just made my day so much better. and you definitely don’t need to fix up your blog, there’s nothing to fix up. you posts are an awesome mix of funny and pretty and just bc your theme doesn’t look like everyone else’s that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it! if it works for you, go with it!

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wannafeelwhereibelong asked: omg you follow me i can't believe! Jslszkamx thank you so much!! aw

oh my goodness i’m getting the sweetest messages tonight! it means so much to me that people notice when i follow them, i just find that incredible. thank you so so much!

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okay guys i’m getting a lot of really sweet messages right now, and it just made me remember how much i frickin’ love my followers! y’all are so amazing and every time i hear from one of you it completely turns my day around. thank you guys so much and all of you are amazing. 

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sirhiusblack asked: Oh my God! I fangirled so hard that you started following me! I love your blog so much!!!!

oh my goodness thank you so much! this is so sweet i’m sort of blushing right now.

but seriously babe, thank you so much for saying this

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AHHHHH THAT IS THE SWEETEST THING EVER THANK YOU SO MUCH! but wow. its astounding to me that people actually care whether i’m following them (and i love your icon so much, its adorable)

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frozenqueenelphaba asked: hey! thanks so much for following me back :) you're in the fairy tale network, too, right? maybe we can talk about ouat or disney sometime!

oh god i’m so sorry i wasn’t following you before! and yes i would love to talk about both ouat and disney sometime!!!!!


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when will my name be forgotten?

pandoryca asked: ~hey Tess, you're currently my favourite blog and I think you're pretty cool (congrats on 1k btw)! So yeah I was wondering what are some blogs you follow (because your posts are amazing) and also where can i get a theme similar to yours? And also (sorry for so many questions!) I'm so confused about these network/botm things I dont really get them): So yeah I hope you have a lovely day!

oh my god thank you so much this made me like 5000000000% happier!!!

well, i follow sooooo many blogs (and for all of them you can check my blogroll) but off the top of my head some of my favorites are doctortennantsbum, moriiartii, capaldisbluetardis, sassykidneys, capaldii (she may have changed her url) and all the people in my networks (which are all listed in my updates tab, if you click on the symbol it will go to the members page and there are links to all their blogs). they all have fabulous blogs and they’re all sweethearts. 

i also have a really good friend on here, shezzalore, and she has a really funny blog and she’s super nice. 

another good person to go to for advice is prepofthesouth (even though she’s not a fandom blog she’s super nice and answers all questions)

another place you can find good blogs to follow is my tumblr award winners ( winners)

but those are just the blogs i can think of right now, there are so many more

as for themes, there are a ton of really good theme makers out there. i got my theme from, but i also love the themes from gallifreystars, armyofghosts, and sexymattsmith, and limesthemes has a great basecode if you want to learn how to code. i also make themes (using the aforementioned base code) if you’d like to check them out. my theme blog is sexygillansthemes.

but there are plenty of other theme makers out there, and the way i find them is just going to the theme maker of a theme i really like on someone else’s blog. most themes have credit on them, generally a small box or letters in the bottom right corner, and they’re generally links that take you to the theme blog. 

networks and botms are basically just things that people do to gain followers, promote blogs, and make friends on tumblr.

a network is a group of people that all have a common interest. how it’s started is by someone who particularly loves a certain thing (or just wants to make friends) who makes a post about it and it has some instructions on it (generally reblog, follow, sometimes do a survey to see if you’re good) and then they pick a date, look at all the entries, and pick about 12, give or take a few, to be in the network. a network is just a password protected sideblog that a lot of people share, and those people can just talk to eachother. i’m in a number of networks myself, and they’re super fun and awesome and really good for making friends.

botm stands for blog of the month, and its sort of similar to a network. it starts off with a person (although you can do joint botms) making a post telling people to follow, reblog, etc. and then on the date they say they’ll choose by (normally either the beginning or end of the month) they go through all the entries (reblogs) and pick their favorite blog and few runner-ups and announce them. the winners and runner ups normally get some sort of promo, follow back, and sometimes other things.

similar to botms are also botws (blog of the week), bots (blogs of the season)  and tumblr awards, which instead of having just one winner have a bunch of different categories.

i hope this helped, and have a lovely day as well.

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